Information about the applicant:

Company name: SC OMICRON SRL, Romania
Website: https://tisa.ro/
Contact: rebenciucioana@gmail.com

Evaluation category:

Category 3Spa Center (sub-category: Spa center in urban environment)

1. Location

Aqua Park TISA Spa Resort – Băile Olănești, Romania

2. Square meters


3. Interior and facilities/equipment

TISA Aqua Park is innovative due to the numerous and completely integrated facilities and services that it provides: Aqua Park, Thermarium, Spa, Fitness, Bistro. The services are high quality and could easily please any experienced spa consumer. It is the largest and most complete Spa Destination in the whole of the Oltenia Region and among the top 5 in Romania. Since its opening in 2016, it has received over 300.000 guests.

The Thermarium area is spectacular, possibly the most diverse in the whole of Romania, it is composed of: Swedish sauna, aroma sauna, infra sauna, salt sauna, Vichy showers, ice fountain, Russian bucket, cold plunge emotional showers, Turkish steam bath, Thepidarium, Hammam, Heated stone benches, Jacuzzi Room, Terrace, Vitamin Bar. Here, we offer free health activities such Aufguss in Finnish Sauna, Scrub in the steam bath, salt inhalations and meditation exercises salt sauna.

The spa has both international treatmentts as well as signature rituals.

The Fitness area (Gym) has amazing view over the city and has modern fitness equipment. Also we have multiple bars, terraces, outside Jacuzzis, bistro, games (fusball, ping pong and other free games organized for our guests).

We are sustainers of green energy and implemented every new and sustainable idea that could help the environment. Therefore, we have at the spa – 2 cogeneration plants (ecological trend), solar panels for water heating and we have started the implementation of solar panels for electricity and the acquisition of a electrical gas station.

TISA Spa Resort was constructed with the help of European Union Regional Development funds (REGIO).

4. Content of spa menu

Our massages, therapies, and rituals are carefully crafted to reflect the rich Romanian culture and mythology. Each treatment has a unique name inspired by local legends and traditions. For example, “Tinerete fara batranete” (Youth without old age) is a famous story from Romanian folklore that serves as the inspiration for one of our treatments. Another treatment, “Coloana Infinitului” (The infinite spine/column), is named after the renowned artwork by Constantin Brâncuși.

We prioritize the use of organic and locally sourced products in our spa. Our sapropelic mud, for instance, is sourced from the local area. We also procure medicinal plants from nearby producers, ensuring that our treatments incorporate the healing power of nature. Additionally, we offer locally made balms and health creams, supporting the community and promoting sustainable practices.

In addition to our culturally inspired treatments, we also offer internationally recognized therapies at our spa. You can indulge in a Hot Stone Massage, experience the rejuvenating effects of Ayurvedic Rituals, immerse yourself in the purifying Hammam rituals, enjoy revitalizing Facial Treatments, or benefit from the therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage.

At our spa, we strive to provide a holistic experience that combines the best of Romanian traditions with globally acclaimed therapies. Come and discover a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, and cultural immersion at our spa in Băile Olănești.

5. Presence of Unique spa programs and treatments

The Spa is unique in the world, as we have worked closely with spa specialists and bought forward the concept of Romanian spa, taking the most that we can from the local phytotherapy and integrated it with spa culture. Our massages, therapies and rituals each have an unique name that is inspired from Romanian culture and mythology: Tinerete fara batranete (Youth without old age – a famous story from Romanian folklore), Coloana Infinitului (The infinite spine/column – named after the famous piece of art by Constantin Brâncuși), The Ritual of Queen Mary (second Queen of Romania) and many others. We use organic and locally produced products such as: sapropelic mud, medicinal plants that grow in the area and that we buy from local producers, locally produced balms and health cremes.

6. Having priority in curing, physiotherapy, paraffin, mud, autogenous training, music treatment programs, etc.)

  • sapropelic mud from local sources
  • treatments that use remineralising clay
  • yoga seminars
  • aqua phisiotherapy sessions
  • breathing seminars
  • exfoliation sessions with natural products in the steam bath
  • aufguss rituals in the swedish sauna

7. Level of Qualification of the staff

Qualified staff – massage therapists, kinesiotherapists, doctor, receptionists, spa manager

8. Level of Spa etiquette

Best level of spa etiquette.
Regular trainings with the team.

9. Evaluation of the guests

4,5 out of 5 according to google evaluation for the entire resort
5 out of 5 for spa treatments

10. Spa Management and advertising

Ioana Gogu – professional spa manager (higher studies in economics and kinesiotherapy, qualified massage tehrapists, involved in countinuous learning process)
Advetising – presence in spa cometition, award winning, facebook and google marketing, collaboration with health bloggers, health related press releases

11. Presence of mineral water


12. More than ONE year working experience


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