Terms and Conditions

BalkanSpa Summit Award

The BalkanSpa Summit Award is organized by the Serbian Spas Association (hereinafter: the Organizer).

The purpose of this award is to “give a voice” to the best in all areas that have contact points or directly affect the development of health tourism.

Conditions of Participation

  1. a) Nomination for the BalkanSpa Summit Award (hereinafter: BSA) is open to all companies and individuals who meet the participation requirements and send correct applications.
  2. b) Nomination is open to all companies and individuals whose headquarters are in the following countries:

Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Republika Srpska, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey.

  1. c) Only one (1) entry is allowed per category, and a maximum of three (3) in total, in all categories.
  2. d) By completing the Application, the candidate confirms the completeness, accuracy and verifiability of the data.
  3. e) The application must be filled out in its entirety.


  1. To nominate for BSA, you must:
    1. complete the registration process.
    2. agree to our Terms & Conditions of participation; and
    3. provide true, complete, and up-to-date legal and contact information.
  2. You represent and warrant that you have the authority to accept these Terms on behalf of the company you may be affiliated with.
  3. By accepting these terms, you represent and warrant that you are qualified concerning the conditions stated herein, therefore, are permitted to use the Platform. If you do not meet any of the conditions stated herein, you shall not access/use the Platform and must cease to be a user.
  4. Each company, which nominates for BSA (hereinafter: candidate) and submits a correct Application, is obliged to pay a co-payment
    – equal to €300.00 for each category you apply by 01.07.2024 (22% VAT is not included and will be added where applicable)
    – equal to €360.00 for each category you apply between 02.07.2024 and 31.08.2024 (22% VAT is not included and will be added where applicable). Invoice will be issued by the technical organizer Toleranca marketing d.o.o., Štihova 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

5.    Participation is non-refundable under any conditions or circumstances.

  1. The organizer can warn the candidate in writing about possible deficiencies or illogicalities in the Application. The candidate has a period of 7 (seven) calendar days, counting the day when the reminder was sent as the first, to correct the deficiencies. Otherwise, the Application is considered invalid, about which the Organizer informs the candidate in writing, and the participation is retained in its entirety.
  2. The application is forwarded to the jury for consideration only after the participation payment in the amount as in Article 1 of this Agreement has arrived.
  3. The organizer informs the BSA winners about the jury’s decision no later than September 20th, 2024, at 23,00 CET.
  4. The winner is obliged to confirm receipt of this notification in writing.
  5. The BSA winner has the right to permanently use the BSA logo for promotional purposes, without the right to transfer this right to a third party in case of status change, name change or any other legal change.
  6. BSA winners agree to send at least ONE representative to the Gala dinner, during which the award will be presented. The costs of accommodation, registration fee for the BalkanSpa Summit and gala dinner are covered by the winner.
  7. If the winner of the BSA does not fulfill the obligation from Article 8 of this Agreement (does not send a representative to the Gala dinner), the organizer reserves the right to cancel the voucher for the BSA. Voucher cancellation entails the loss of BSA, and the rights acquired in Article 10 of this Agreement.
  8. If the anonymous audit determines that the information and data submitted in the application differ from the real circumstances or are false, the candidate permanently loses the right to be a candidate for BSA, in any category, since this led to the deception of the jury.
  9. It is not allowed to resort to legal proceedings by the candidate. The jury and the organizer have no obligation to explain their decisions.
  10. If deemed necessary, the jury may award one or more special BSAs to a company, destination or individual.
  11. Documents, instruments or other materials submitted with the application are not returned to the candidate.
  12. Since direct contact with the jury is prohibited, any possibility of lobbying is eliminated. A candidate who tries to contact one or more members of the jury will have their candidacy canceled for the current year. There may be special circumstances in which exceptions will be allowed.
  13. By nominating, you automatically agree to the above conditions at the time of participation.
  14. Submission of application is possible until 31.08.2024 at 23:00 CET.
  15. Organizer`s Rights & duties
  16. We retain the right to disqualify entries or Winners at any point in time without prior notice.
  17. All decisions made by the Organizer and Jury are final without the right to appeal.
  18. We reserve the rights to modify/cancel/change any of the programs including but not limited to award categories, winning title, winning category, subcategories, price, award logo, award program name, award schedule, number of winners in each category, Gala ceremony event and venue, without prior notice to you.
  19. We reserve the right to qualify or disqualify any user and if such user does adhere to our Conditions of Participation.
  20. We possess the right to change /cancel/remove any deliverables for the winner or nominee without prior notice.

Definition of Terms

What is a SPA?
A spa is an oasis of calm where people actively do something for the relaxation of body, mind, and spirit. This is achieved through treatments (message, beauty) as well as through fitness equipment for the body, through meditation or relaxation. The treatments that are used make use of all five senses. The spa manager and the spa staff commit themselves to the individual needs of the guests. The guests expectations of wellness are met, and the company is committed to working on the basis of quality and ethical principles.

Hotel Spa
A hotel spa offers a wide variety of recreational facilities, including a full-service spa. Activities may include golf, tennis, water sports, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, and more. The spa menu is dedicated to day treatments including pampering beauty salons and holistic wellness programs. Hotel spas, as the name suggests, are always in conjunction with an adjoining hotel, allowing guests to access their services while on vacation. They can be found in both urban and rural settings, and range from budget to luxury spa treatments.

Thermal Resort
At a thermal resort, comprehensive programs are offered that include holistic spa treatments. The central event for guests includes of course the diverse forms of thermal water applications from swimming in different types of swimming pools to holistic treatments using thermal water. The spa facilities vary across the board – from beauty and health treatments to those of a medical and recovery nature. The stay typically last more than two days. A hotel can, but does not have to, have an adjoining thermal resort. This means that either people from the public or private hotel guests could have access to the thermal resort.

Day Spa
Day Spas are designed for treatments that take anywhere from an hour or two to a full day. Typically, local clientele go to a day spa in search of a healing break from the daily routine and to be pampered. Services offered vary from therapeutic messages and beautifying face and body treatments to spa facilities such as saunas, vapor baths, swimming pools, gym equipment, etc. Day Spas are stand-alone operations that cater guests wanting to enjoy a wholesome rest.

Destination Spa
Destination spas are predominately visited due to their specific position and use a complete infrastructure of wellness facilities to offer a special spa experience. The Spa itself is a speciality and most of the services of the hotel are focused on the Spa. The Destination Spa also represents the highest form of Spa lifestyle. Hotels often offer All-Inclusive packages which include spa services. These include spa treatments such as therapeutic full-body and beautifying treatments as well as fitness activities, nutrition programs, and a holistic approach to health. This must also be done by specialist staff and requires therefore the presence of a medical doctor. Destination spas offer a variety of programs to help guests jump-start a new, more healthful lifestyle.

Medical Resort
A medical resort also offers comprehensive programs that strive for a holistic approach to treatment. A team of doctors leads medical treatments. The emphasis is on more lengthy treatments which take three weeks or more, and therefore have adjoining hotels. Medical resorts enable complementary and alternative medical treatments to be applied, and there is also the possibility of thermal water treatments in various forms. Nutrition and exercise programs as well as physical therapy programs are offered. Medical resorts are exclusively to be used by patients or private guests.

Medical Spa
These spas also operate under the full-time supervision of a license healthcare profession. Medical personnel work alongside spa therapists in an atmosphere that integrates clinical-grade aesthetic enhancement and spa treatments/concepts. Med spas may or may not have overnight accommodations. These spas provide comprehensive wellness and preventive care that may adhere to traditional Western medical concepts, complementary/alternative philosophies, or a combination of the two (known as integrative medicine). Spa treatments are incorporated into wellness programs as an effective way to reduce stress and for rejuvenation.

Public Bath
At a bath, comprehensive possibilities to swim and programs are offered that include spa or holistic spa treatments. The central event for guests is the water from swimming in different types of swimming pools to holistic treatments. The spa facilities vary across the board – from beauty to health treatments. The stay typically last not more than one day. A hotel can, but does not have to, have an adjoining to the bath. This means that either people from the public or hotel guests could have access to the bath.

Signature Treatment
This is an exceptional treatment that is best described as consisting of several treatments (massages, facial treatments, baths, etc). It typically makes use of organic cosmetic products or essences and materials that can be obtained from the region. The aim is to uniquely pamper the guest. Therefore, this kind of treatment usually lasts longer than an hour. The name of the treatment also suggests a special meaning: a Signature Treatment should be the house specialty and can be compared to a kind of business card. A Signature Treatment should convey a lasting impression to the guest as well as reflect the character of the region and of the facilities.

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