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Information about the applicant:

Company name: Toplice Sveti Martin d.o.o., Croatia

Evaluation category:

Category 4: Innovation in Spa Therapy Program

1. Balneological factors; mineral/thermal water, mud/peloid, gas (local, natural or manufactured)

The core relaxation point of our Healthness program and the most prominent stress-reducing factor at the resort is our thermal–mineral water, a remnant of the ancient Pannonian sea. A 20-minute stay in the healing thermal mineral water of Terme Sveti Martin, which is more than 43,000 years old will do wonders for the body as well as for the mind.

Due to its unique chemical composition and concentration of Lithium (Li), Strontium (Sr), Fluorine (Fl), Iodine (I), Sodium (Na), and Potassium (K), the water is suitable for the treatment of joint problems, rheumatism, and sciatica. It also has healing effects on the skin and the central nervous system as well as orthopedic and arthritic problems. It stimulates the lymphatic system and helps with gynecological, metabolic, and psychosomatic diseases. It’s good for the prevention of depression or stress as well as for the thyroid, reproductive organs, and intelligence, bone density, treating osteoporosis, and helps with muscle spasms, cold hands and feet as well as poor memory. It reduces the risk of spine fractures by 41%. It cures arthritis, slows down aging, and is good for athletes as a preventative measure against injuries, as well as for optimal energy storage. The water is also good for the heart and detox, it maintains an optimal pH level in body fluids and also reduces the risk of a stroke.

The thermal mineral water is pumped from a depth of 800 meters with its temperature at the source being 38°C. Our guests can find it at the indoor pool complex The Temple of Life, designed according to organic architecture – a branch of anthroposophy that represents the harmony of nature and man, with specially designed spaces. The design is inspired by nature, and follows the flow of the environment, without sharp edges and lines.

2. Balneological treatments; Balneotherapy, Drinking Therapy, Inhalation Therapy, others (combination of any)

As we strive to take a step back from classic wellness offers we create custom-made programmes connected with body, spirit, and mind rehabilitation. Here our guests get a one-of-a-kind experience as they are the ones who decide what they want in terms of becoming healthier. Our strategy is focused on the anthroposophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the biodynamic agriculture and healthy eating rules, as well as his holistic approach to achieving harmony between the body and soul. With the help of evidence-based medicine, naturopathy, and modern science in the field of frequency medicine, his philosophy is being put into reality with the aim of helping each guest lead a healthy life.

The base of our Healthness programme is time spent in the healing thermal-mineral water. After arriving at specially equipped Healthness rooms, the guest is taken to our Healthness center for a session with the Healthness manager who checks the overall condition of their body. According to the results of the Body Vitality Scan and individual consultation, the manager suggests lifestyle changes, frequency and cannabinoid therapies, phytotherapy, as well as a local, healthy, and homemade meal plan. The guest is also advised on Mindfulness programs such as yoga, meditation exercises, shamanic cleansing, guided forest walks, and aromatherapy offered in the resort. The manager then suggests handmade wellness treatments, energetic treatments like Access bars, energetic facelifting, and the Peter Hess sound massage, as well as different workshops like organic cosmetics, crystal therapy, art therapy, a vision board to happiness or halotherapy. If the Healthness manager notices problems that require medical attention they will direct the guest to the Lumbalis Polyclinic located in the resort. An active lifestyle is a part of the Healthness program which can also be incorporated into the plan as we encourage guests to join our sports programme.

3. Type of spa establishment (hotel/resort, hospital/clinic, spa cure center, other)

Terme Sveti Martin is a one-of-a-kind destination and spa resort in northern Croatia, which throughout the years evolved into the first Healthness resort in Europe, a perfect place to rejuvenate and relax, take care of one’s own health, with first-class local, organic, and homemade gastronomy in the middle untouched nature.

Our desire to change the guest’s mindset and bad habits, continuously makes us invent new programs which help our visitors become healthier as they leave our resort. Merging the anthroposophic elements of Dr. Rudolf Steiner (ego, hearing, warmth, sight, taste, smell, balance, movement, touch, life, thought, and speech) into an eternal loop we laid down the cornerstones of our Healthness concept thus establishing the foundations for our unique holistic programs in order to bring back the balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

Our innovative holistic Healthness program consists of accommodation in Healthness rooms, individual counseling, and the Body Vitality Scan according to which we further propose unique services to our guests that benefit their health, like phytotherapy with local plants and herbs, as well as cannabinoid therapy, sleeping schedules, nutritional plan, advice on stress reduction and specially created and individual massages as well as other wellness treatments.
Our programme is completely tailor-made for every individual guest as they are the sole focus of our business. Our desire is to offer a unique experience as well as to change the perspective of our guests and give them the encouragement to change their lifestyle, take care of their physical as well as mental well-being, and learn new healthy habits. As an authentic resort in Croatia, we strive to be different on every level, offering guests unique services that are combined together into programmes fitted to their needs and wishes, which can’t be seen in other resorts of this type in Europe.

4. Experience (How long being in practice, collected data)

The history of Terme Sveti Martin extends over a period of more than 100 years when an international oil company searched for oil but found thermal water. Ever since this area has been developing as suitable for health, thanks to tradition, excellent local gastronomy, and numerous recreational opportunities provided by nature and the region.

After the hot springs were discovered, two pools, seven tubs, and the necessary facilities were installed, but without a vision of development, the place was left to ruin, until the mid-90s when it got renovated and started to operate seasonally during summer months. In 2005, prerequisites for year-round bathing tourism were created by converting the pool complex to an indoor, along with the construction of an outdoor pool with slides, and the apartment complex. Two years later, the outdoor swimming area was enriched by a catering facility, a children’s pool, a recreational pool, 2 whirlpools, and a swimming lane. The completion of the hotel, sports hall, and golf course in 2009, represented the largest project of continental tourism at the time.

Since year after year, the resort was oriented towards the development of services closely related to a healthy lifestyle, it was very important to modernize its strategy. In accordance with the philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the foundations of the Healthness philosophy were created, in which active rest, wellness relaxation, and healthy gastronomy are intertwined in order to maintain the balance of body, mind, and spirit. By redefining our resort from a classic spa into a resort with a clear vision, we assure a better quality of service in a place where everything is about healthy living, sustainability, and green business.

In 2021, Terme Sveti Martin became a recognizable brand that guarantees the quality of service as the “First Healthness Resort in Europe”.

5. Research on effects and efficacy or effectiveness

The Healthness concept is the result of our own knowledge, based on the holistic philosophy by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, a science that presents mind and body harmony as the main source of health and happiness, making it unique and one-of-a-kind in Europe. The apparatus that we use may be known to the world, but the results analysis, the counseling, and a combination of therapies planned by the Healthness manager, including high-frequency therapies, phytotherapy, local and healthy gastronomy, as well as alternative workshops are unique and can be experienced only in our resort.

We use authentic services, like the Body Vitality Scan, our beneficial thermal water, the first-class local, organic, and homemade food offer supplied by local family farms, a one-of-a-kind biodynamic garden, mind and body programmes providing new experiences with exclusive products and treatments, cannabinoid therapies for an unconventional but effective supportive treatment, special Healthness rooms, the organic and natural cosmetics line, as well as alternative and innovative workshops to differentiate ourselves from all other wellness resorts.

The most important aspect of the programme is the methodology for measuring success when it comes to monitoring the aftermath of the entire programme, provided that the guest adheres to everything prescribed. This makes the results of the programme visible and measurable.

Ever since we introduced the Healthness philosophy, strategy, and concept to our business, we have noticed a significant increase in our revenue as well as a change in the guest categories. The guests who visit us are people looking for a specific retreat – a place where they can relax, eat quality local food, be surrounded by the freshness of nature, stay far away from the crowded and hurried cities, and most importantly be motivated to change their lifestyle habits.

6. Contribution to the development of Medical Balneology and Balkan Spa-sector

Considering the great impact of tourism on the environment, our strategic goals is to reduce it to a minimum. Investing in sustainability means investing in environmental protection, the local community’s well-being, and advanced technologies. In the last few years, we have intensified our green strategy and raised it to an enviable level.

We are the first and at this time the only hotel in Croatia to receive the EU Ecolabel based on our efforts to reduce environmental pollution. Our goals are a continuous investment in energy efficiency and waste reduction, usage of recyclable materials where possible, maximizing the use of locally grown ingredients, increased cooperation with local suppliers, and maximum involvement in the development of the destination.

Making candles from kitchen waste oils, giving guests gifts if they skip housekeeping services to save water, reusing old furniture, donations to abandoned animals associations, cooperating with local family farms, and making compost out of food waste are some examples of how we contribute to sustainable tourism, thus being an example of good practice.

We are also a proud owner of the LGBTIQ+ friendly employer certificate, as we stand for an inclusive society based on solidarity and equal rights for all. We have also joined the Family Friendly Company project and introduced a series of measures for better management of human resources and own the Health Friendly certificate which emphasizes our care for our employees and their health.

We represent the flourishing of continental spa tourism in Croatia. Our aim is to raise awareness of a healthy vacation with a healthy attitude towards guests and employees. Dedicated to local culture and traditions, as well as trends in tourism, we create values that we pass on to all who allow us to do so, thus contributing to the development of the Balkan spa sector.

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