Information about the applicant:

Company name: Aromara, Croatia

Evaluation category:

Category 5: Spa Products (sub-category:Spa cosmetic – aesthetic product)

1. How long has been present on the market?

15 years

2. Brand concept

Aromatherapy based line of massage oils for professionals and home care. Essential oil blend synergies for ambiance animation through aromadiffusers.

3. Product category

Massage oils and esential oil blends.

4. Product effectiveness

Six scents, six different moods.
Enhances the massage experience for the client and massage therapist.
Eases the application of aromatherapy.
Safe for the client and the massage therapist.

5. Natural ingredients, lack of parabens

100% natural essential oils and carrier oils. No parabens, vegan, not tested on animals.

6. Product portfolio

Aroma Essence Professional line consisting of six variations of massage oils for targeted use. More than 20 essential oil blends for ambiance animation by aroma diffusion.

7. Product qualities

Targeted effectiveness by mixture. Designed for optimal performance and less effort usage by physiotherapist resulting in less stress and less medical leave.

8. Distribution

Retail sale –
Whole sale:
Croatia – Aromara d.o.o.
Slovenia – Bogart d.o.o.
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Dara s.p.

9. Marketing policy and strategy

Direct approach to wellness centers, hotels and small enterpreneurs.

10. International presence

Wide range, from top spa resorts to boutique wellness spots in Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

11. Media coverage

FB –
IG –

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