7th BalkanSpa Summit Award

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia, 9-11 October 2024

Highlighting those who stand out for their courage, curiosity and willingness to take risks

The BalkanSpa Summit Award was presented for the first time last year at the 6th BalkanSpa Summit. The purpose of this award is to “give a voice” to the best in all areas that have contact points or directly affect the development of health tourism.


Balkan Spa Summit Awards 2023: Celebrating Excellence in Spa and Wellness

How does the competition work?


Complete the registration

Fill out the online registration form with all your contact details, submit additional materials, choose a category and pay the registration fee.


Wait for the jury decision

All entries are evaluated by an expert jury in an impartial and neutral manner. The jury consists of 5 to 7 industry professionals. You will be informed of their decision by 20 September 2024.


Attend the gala ceremony

Winners are obliged to send one representative to the Gala dinner, where the awards will be presented. The costs of accommodation, registration fee for the BalkanSpa Summit and gala dinner are covered by the winner.


1. Spa Destination

2. Spa Hotel

3. Spa Center

4. Innovation in Spa Therapy Program

5. Spa Products

6. Spa Manager

Terms and definitions

Read the conditions of the competition


Find out more about the jury's decision

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